About us

Who we are

Parhelion is a laser technology company based in the town of Apex, North Carolina. The Company has spent a majority of its operation and startup in research and development to advance, secure patents, and obtains necessary FDA compliances for its laser technologies. Parhelion continues to progress on several patents involving planned products to be introduced into the market. The company intends to leverage Laser lighting technologies in developing solutions to everyday problems. By providing approachable, safe, innovative and well-designed laser-based solutions, Parhelion bridges the unique characteristics of laser light for marketable products. With three years R&D we have patented key technologies for the purpose of developing commercial laser-based lighting to leverage the unique characteristics of a laser.

Where we’ve been

Parhelion begin as a research and development project with the goal of achieving applied laser lighting for practical and safe use. From 2012 to present Parhelion has been developing and promoting a laser lamp, a thin version of the LDG bulb, enabling it to secure critical patented components intended ultimately for a superior safety light that shines through fire and smoke. Parhelion has used its laser lamp as a proof of concept to leverage the unique characteristics of laser light into a developed product, secure patents, obtain necessary FDA compliances, test critical components, and fund raising. In 2013 Parhelion was issued pioneering patents by the USPTO for laser lighting. The patents represent the foundation to the next step in advancing its laser lighting technology to in it goal to commercialization of the LDG bulb.


What we inspire

Parhelion is poised to revolutionize safety lighting while introducing a new lighting model with unique benefits of a laser-based light: LDG (Laser Diffraction Grating) bulb. LDG photon manipulating nanotechnology combined with its own Zoisite laser module can shine through smoke, fire and fog to illuminate in crowded and/or turbid environments while consuming less than 1 watt of power.

The LDG Bulb is not only for the safety market. The LDG bulb represents a foundation to new products or add-on products that require low power consumption while providing substantial lighting in difficult environments. Its’ low power use is ideal to adapt for today’s smoke alarms to combine navigation escape as the next technology progression for safety alarms. The LDG somber blue light is an ideal night-light and for home theater without glare on a television screen. The distinctive benefits of laser manipulation, large area coverage, and controlled lighting surfaces are suitable for security lighting in a tight or crowed industrial area or even a helideck without weather interference. Parhelion laser technologies used in the LDG when taken separately provide the potential for developing products for medical assay, automobile, subsea, etc. We continue to find new uses for the fruits of our laser technologies.

Our Mission

To provide cost-effective uses of our own laser technologies within a safe FDA approved frequency for everyday life.