Powerful Camping Light (RV/Tent) with no shadows

AirStream-Firefly Light the entire inside of RV/Camper using only 1 watt of power from outlet or battery operated. The light results in a somber environment eliminating projection to the outside

Camp/RV Lighting

Firefly LDH Laser Lamp is perfect as a long lasting tent or RV light while providing an enchanting mood of lighting. When used in a tent it eliminates shadows to those outside. The Firefly is suitable for camping to accurately glow an area without disturbing others. Lighting inside of your tent will not project outside. Laser light can be directed and controlled instead of flooding to avoid spillover to other campers. When used in camping trailer it is energy efficient, eliminates light projected outside, and difficult to see figures inside from windows.

The shape of the lamp is convenient for that unknown environment when camping. The Firefly hex-shaped ball prevents rolling and allows for directing a light source by rotating and standing on one of its hexagonal sides. Laser light is very efficient in power consumption; longer life on batteries compared to a flashlight.

Uses only 1 watt of electrical power. Can run on 4 AAA batteries or AC adapter. Includes 100-120/200-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) solid state AC Adapter.


Light inside the tent does not create shadows or outlines, you are invisible to the outside. The tent on the far left is using a typical white light where you can see the floor and outline person, while on the right are the Green or Blue Firefly Laser Lamps. The tents below each contain a person inside.


Watch the Video while a person is inside the tent.