What about Firefly’s battery life?

Firefly uses four AAA batteries for approximately five hours continuous use. Optionally, Firefly can work on two AAA batteries for about 2 hours of continuous use. If using two batteries, the batteries must be positioned next to each other in the battery box. The intention is for the AC adapter to be used when Firefly is used like a lamp, and batteries for occasional portability. Its no problem to have batteries in the Firefly when you plug in the cord. The cord disconnects the batteries.

Why Blue Laser costs more than Green Laser?

The color of the laser has to do with the media being used which has different costs. In general true blue lasers (not purple which claim to be blue) are expensive. The green firefly uses a DPSS laser and the blue uses a Nitrate Laser. The Nitrate  based laser is very expensive. You will find simple “true” blue laser pointers are all over $140, and these do not run constantly like our Laser Lamp. The blue laser (Diamond or Zoisite Firefly) is solid state and not a crystal like the green (Emerald Firefly). The blue laser is more durable and consistent in operation rated at 10,000 hours. The Emerald Firefly is crystal rated at 3,000 hours which means it is fragile and varies in strength and shade of green. The blue laser lasts much longer than the green laser, but our warranty is the same of 30 days like any electronic devise run 24×7.

Can Firefly work with rechargeable batteries?

Firefly cannot use rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are 1.2 volts, where the standard batteries are 1.5 volts.

The battery compartment is tight, how come?

This was an artifact of some intentional design choices. The Firefly is designed to so that the seam is minimized when the device is closed, creating a sleeker appearance. A tight fit was desirable so that the product would not open unexpectedly.

What if I drop Firefly?

Firefly is made of high impact plastic, nearly impossible to break and extremely difficult to scratch unintentionally. However, the internal mechanism of the laser contains a natural crystal which can vibrate enough to crack. We do not recommend dropping. If it is dropped, the damage will not be visible from the outside.

The laser will begin to dim and eventually stop working.

How much power does Firefly use?

Firefly uses less than 1 watt of energy (0.6 watts), having a custom made, lightweight, solid state AC adapter for best performance. Observe that most devices use a more bulky, less efficient adapter.

What if Firefly’s on / off button sticks when pressed in?

This is a known issue and is being addressed. This happens when the button may press against the side of the plastic when pressed to lock. To release it, move the button left and right as you press to release. The Firefly product is designed with millimeter accuracy as to produce a best visual asthetic of the button. Our goal was a button flush with the surface. If the button still sticks open the firefly and press on all four corners of the table. The table is the area that contains the battery pack. Press hard, you’re not going to break it and see if it clicks in.

How do you handle quality Issues?

Firefly comes with an English user manual in the top of the box behind the foam. In addition, we provide an EU user manual on tissue paper with several European languages. The English user manual contains the email address quality[at]parhelioninc.com and warranty information. Please email any quality issues to be addressed or send it to info[at]gottagadgets.com. Manufacturer has gone to great lengths to produce a quality product with advanced technology. As with any forward leading innovation, errors can happen. We take quality issues seriously and investigate part failures.

Is Firefly safe for cats and dogs?

Firefly is safe for cats and dogs and many have enjoyed Firefly already! The natural blink reflex will prevent any issues. We do not recommend pointing any laser directly in the eyes for any reason. The same caution should be taken with the lastest LED flashlights which are much more powerful than Firefly at short distances (30cm).

Can I take Firefly camping?

The Firefly is excellent for lighting the inside of tents. It lights up the tent 120° and takes up very little room. Treat it the same as you would any electronic device and do protect it from humidity. To protect your Firefly simply use a clingy, kitchen plastic wrap over Firefly and use it that way. This solution will not in the display or cooling when appropriately stretched. Optionally, Firefly can be transported and stored in a resealable freezer bag. This will prevent your optics from getting moisture behind them.

What about Firefly’s “Burn-in time”? How does this work?

Your Firefly is best used with the plugin adapter cord to start for the first ten minutes for so-called “burn-in”. There are a couple of situations where you may need to burn in your Firefly. If moisture has collected behind the lens during a change in temperature or use in moist weather, you may need to burn in your Firefly. Also, if you buy multiple Fireflies you’ll recognize that some will be brighter than others. The crystals are natural and each is different. Some Fireflies might turn on bright immediately and then be dim, wait for warm up time (10 minutes) and the Firefly will start to shine. This process is burn in and most likely after this has been done your Firefly will not need burn in time.

Sometimes I see Firefly flickering, what is the reason behind this?

Firefly flickers or waves between normal and low light. The cause is uneven or low batteries voltage. Do not use recharegable batteries. Remove the batteries and try with adapter to confirm.

What about Firefly’s brightness?

Each Firefly is different in brightness due to the unique nature of the laser frequency doubling crystal. There is also a burn-in period; some start very bright and stabilize less bright others may start low and always warm up to a stable brightness. Firefly is intended not to be too bright as it is a night lamp for a subdued atmosphere. The darker the environment is, the more pronounced your Firefly lights will be. Firefly will be more subtle if there are other decorative lights in use.

In what temperature does Firefly operate best?

Alkaline battery output drops quickly as the temperature drops below room temperature (80% at 10C). Expected life at room temperature (100% at 20C) for Alkaline batteries is 5 hours or more. Lithium batteries are significantly better at low temperature but are very expensive relative to Alkaline batteries and last longer, you might get 7 hours. Firefly operation is 4-30C optimal 10-24C.

Grain effect on dots, how are these explained?

The “speckle” effect (grainy) is a technical artifact of laser light. Laser light is coherent light and so your eye processes it differently. The speckles are there with coherent light, its just that your eye does not detect them the same way. The speckles seen with laser light are caused by the way the light scatters on the wall and hits the the surface of your retina. The effect is similar to the double slit experiment you may learn in school, which shows that light can cancel out (i.e. two beams added together can add to nothing). You don’t see the effect with normal light because it is not coherent or not in phase. A laser is coherent light which defines a laser, every photon is in phase. You can actually close one eye and the effect still exists. If you watch a Laserium show you will see this effect. Interestingly the “grains” are not actually on the screen but in your eye, due to the difference in path length of the different photon sources from the wall to your eye.

What are Firefly’s electrical adapter requirements?

Firefly comes standard with a solid state power adapter that runs at 3.2V at 0.3 amps (< 1 watt) and suitable with 110v/220v input power. IMPORTANT: Use ONLY the enclosed adapter with Firefly. Other adapters may have different specifications and may burn out your laser.

What is Firefly’s expected lifespan?

The lifespan for a Firefly can vary from 1 to 12 months of operation depending on use. Each Firefly crystal is hand grown and uniquely varies in life span. A typical incandescent light bulb can last one month. Please see our product purchase warranty for details.

What to do in case there is an interference with the on/off button?

Open your Firefly and press on all four corners of the table. The table is the area that contains the battery pack. Press hard, you’re not going to break it, and see if it clicks in. The table is misaligned and that should fix it. Also when you press the button you can rotate your finger slightly but the above should work fine.

Where is Firefly being manufactured and what about the quality in general?

We’re happy to have received so many questions regarding our choice in manufacturing location. There are only two places in the world where this type of laser crystal is grown: China and Japan. We certainly tried to get this crystal in the USA and are currently looking into an alternative. The availability of this crystal is what prevents us from manufacturing in large quantity. Today Firefly is being assembled in China by simple reason that the laser crystal is made there.

There are many facets to producing a product like Firefly, manufacturing being only one facet. The invention, engineering, design, and package rendering are from the USA, being handled by USA designers and engineers. The testing and certifications are also from the USA. On the bottom of the box are all the certifications performed which are regularly updated and paid for in the US. The underwriting is done in NYC.

We use resources in the US whenever we can and prefer this control and quality. We appreciate your concern and glad to have these questions as we support American-made products as well. We hope in the future that our little product may spur consumer laser manufacturing right here in the USA.

— END —