Firefly LDH Laser Lamp Emerald

Green Laser. 


Unique Safety Light:

Firefly LDH® Emerald is state of the art lighting for the 21st Century using a green laser – a personal, portable laser lamp. Combined with the green light wavelength and a unique beam splitting optical component to color a wide area and provide ambient lighting. The light effect provides depth perception and forward visibility similar to night vision. The Firefly is a night light for navigation illumination such as in a hallway while resulting in a more somber environment than a regular light bulb. The emitted light is captivating and concentrated providing a well-lit area without lighting the entire room.  Unlike a single light bulb that weakens the light across an area, the Firefly provides numerous sparkling light sources that can provide outlined lighting of walls and able to reach deeper into a hallway without loss of intensity.

Firefly LDH is a laser safe product fully compliant with US Code of Federal Regulations, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, European Union (EU) Standards (CFR, FDA/CDRH IEC standards 60825-1, ROHS, FCC, and CE). 


Industrial Laser. Brass heat sink, Class 3R, 532nm, <5mw CW, Solid-State Green Laser Module. Output is near Class 2.


FDA/CDRH IEC standards 60825-1, ROHS, FCC/CE, UL

Thermal Design

Patented design passive cooling system for safe, quiet, and continuous operation as a lamp. 


4-30° Celsius optimal 10-24° Celsius. Pushbutton waterproof. Splash resistant. Short rain exposure can risk operation.


AC Adapter: EPA solid-state light weight (100-20 V/200-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) With 4 AAA Alkaline batteries: 5.5 hours. Consumption: uses less than 1 watt.


To the best of our ability, we have worked to create an earth friendly product. Firefly is 99.6% recyclable. The materials in Firefly, plastic, brass and zinc, are all recyclable. Recycling procedures depend on the services available in your area. Plus, Firefly gives a big lighting effect for less than a watt energy!


162g (with batteries 206g) / 8x8x8cm