Home Theater

Wireless and controlled lighting


The advent of online movie access from Flicker and YouTube, are creating ad hoc home theaters using an existing family room and adding a large flat screen television connected to the Internet and/or DVD player. One aspect of a traditional movie theater is to re-create the ambient lighting atmosphere. The low level lighting helps people move around the theater that either arrived late, or are trying to get out of the theater while the movie is playing. The use of sconces that are designed to resemble old-fashioned movie theater sconces can be installed to add atmosphere to a theater, as well as provide a low level of lighting during a show, which will help people safely move around the theater. However, it is impractical and costly to rewire a room for low level of lighting during a show as to add the desired character and safety to a home theater.

The Firefly Laser Lamp provides an economic and instant solution to home theater lighting through laser diffraction that creates bright spots of illumination. The Firefly provides a somber lighting environment and ability to outline walls and indicate corners without disturbing the movie atmosphere. And Laser light does not cause any harm to a flat screen television. The Firefly provides the control to throw the light where needed without being at the source location. Since the Firefly is moveable, its permits adjusting the light and removing the immediate affects without disturbing the existing infrastructure.