Laser Lens Pattern

Star or Heart Holographic Thumbnail Patterns

FFYDGF-StarPackage_Small          FFYDGF-HeartPackage_Small

Laser Lens

Firefly Laser Pattern Thumbnail is a lens to split (diffract) laser light into a Star or Heart pattern. When used with the Firefly Laser Lamp is creates multiple star patterns that appear to be floating in the air in a 3D fashion. These can be projected as far at the laser light.


The Laser Thumbnail Pattern can be used with any laser including a laser pen. It is designed for use with the Firefly Laser Lamp. When used with the laser lamp the emitted light is captivating and concentrated providing a well-lit area without lighting the entire room filled with ‘fireflies’.
 Add unique night-light to provide a star-filled ceiling or welcome you sweet heart with sparkling 3-D floating Heart images. The lens is removable to try other patterns and can reattached many times.


To the best of our ability, we have worked to create an earth friendly product. The lens pattern is recyclable along with the paper packaging.

Weight / Size

6g with package / 20x5x2mm