Blue PAR30 – GU7 lamp

PAR30 – GU7 Emergency Light


LDG is an acronym for Laser Diffraction Grating. The LDG® PAR30 lamp emits 100s of individually controlled powered beams from a solid state passively cooled blue laser. The patented laser manipulating nanotechnology provides deep reaching light that demarcates an area in a crosshair-like fashion, providing depth perception and forward visibility for walls, expected and unexpected obstacles while penetrating white/black smoke or fog – all without loss of light intensity and while reducing shadows. The lamp is energy efficient to permit up 24-hours operation for existing battery emergency light units.

LDG® PAR30 lamp animation video

Emergency Lighting

In the event of failure of the normal electrical power self-contained battery units automatically provide the illumination required to evacuate a building in safe conditions. These units are typically mounted near an exit, a hallway, or an escape stairway using a halogen light source during power outage for fire and smoke filled rooms. The trouble with the existing emergency lighting occurs during smoke accumulation. As smoke rises, these lights are defused resulting in a blinding fog light encumbering vision a common compliant from Firemen. Escape involves heading for the bright light source and therefore provides little navigation or point of reference such as for steps or doorways. Further the use of an electrical element limits the duration of battery use to 2-3 hours of operation. Recently LED lights have been introduced but only illuminate an entry point with little forward lighting.

The LDG® PAR30 lamp uses a blue laser contrasting with fire and smoke (white or black) to provide better visibility than the typical white light. The produced laser beams outline the area in a night-vision effect result while penetrating smoke more effectively in lighting the way. Further the beams can be used to follow for escape to an entranceway.


Further the use of a laser with passive cooling allows longer operation up to 24 hours on existing battery units compared to the typically 2 to 3 hours. A light bulb on an existing emergency light unit can simply be removed and replaced with the LDG bulb. Below is a comparison of a smoke-free hallway along with each type of light in smoke-fill situation.

Compare Smoke-Filled stairway with LDG light for escape


Below is a comparison of a smoke-free hallway along with each type of light in smoke-fill situation.

Clear Smoke-Filled LDG Light with smoke Emergency Light with smoke

* Recommended for ages 14+