Safe and Outline Lighting

The Firefly LDH uses a passive cooling system to ensure safe, quite, and continuous operation as a lamp with a life span 3 times longer than some lamps using only half a watt of energy. Firefly is designed to illuminate hallways as a night-light without the bright spot effect from LEDs and incandescent bulbs.

The LDH utilizes a laser and exploits the use of optical component with a periodic structure, which splits and diffracts the laser light into several beams traveling in different directions forming a grid-like pattern on walls called a diffraction grating. The emitted light is intensified and concentrated providing a well-lit area without lighting the entire room. Unlike a light bulb that weakens the light across an area, the LDH diffraction grating provides outlined lighting of walls and able to reach deeper into a hallway without loss of intensity. The light effect provides depth perception and forward visibility similar to night vision. Further you can control and throw the light where you want without the light at the source location.